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A Message from Tucker Blair - Why FUEL?
A message from Tucker Blair, Author of The FUEL 30-day Reset Miracle
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and keep it off, for good.

The FUEL Speed Systems T-shirt in Dark Grey

This is my first time trying the reset and I'm very surprised with the system. The products taste good and they work! I'm amazed at the results in only 4 weeks!

-Michele C., 4/26/23

Michelle C.

This is crazy - I've lost 28 pounds in 3 months, first time in years I've been able to lose weight.    -Rodney M., 6/14/23

Rodney M.




I can't believe how the Reset has changed me...I'm eating better than I ever have in my life...and it's easy

-Carrie C., 7/29/23

Carrie C., Nurse
,,,with the world's most advanced online weight loss and health coaching system. 
Fastr, Easier, Smarter Icon
Lose up to 25 pounds the FIRST MONTH
Without starving yourself every day
Science-based, clinically validated
Weekly LIVE coaching
Licensed RD supervised
Learn how to never struggle with cravings, overeating, and weight gain again
How much weight could you lose for good?
We'll show you...right now!!

all for $29 a month!

Real customers, real results:


“I wish I'd known about this years ago...I cannot emphasize enough how powerful this system is!”

Mikaela W., CA

   If you're looking for the fastest, most effective way to burn fat, for YOUR  body, this is your solution.
-Tucker Blair, Author, "The FUEL 30-day Reset Miracle"

The FUEL Reset System is powered by a revolutionary weight loss system that has been validated through multiple research studies conducted by independent and respected universities. The collective results reinforce what the before and after images above show – this system works!

Key findings after 8 weeks of following the Reset System compared to a heart-healthy diet:

Graphic of a woman who lost weight


more weight loss

Graphic representing heart health

better improvements in cardiovascular health markers

Graphic of a woman planning her weight loss journey


more fat loss

Faster Easier Smarter Graphic

faster, easier, and more effective long term

Graphic of an unhappy man feeling his visceral fat


as much visceral (internal abdominal)

fat loss

Graphic of Be Healthy

teaches you how to be healthy, not just lose weight

How much weight could you lose for good?
We'll show you...right now!!


FUEL Big Program Pack copy.png

The FUEL Reset + Big Bonus Box -
for Monthly Subscribers

Guarantee Design 14.png

Hey, Tucker Blair here, and I've got a game-changer for you – it's the FUEL Reset System! Imagine burning fat as fast as your body can handle, and locking in those results for good.

This isn't just another diet – it's a total life transformation..


We're talking about resetting your mind, resetting your body, and resetting your life.


Become a 'naturally lean and healthy person,' shedding four to eight pounds in the FIRST WEEK and up to 25 pounds in the first 30 days. The best part? You'll keep losing weight without the struggle, week after week, until you reach your goal. Even better:  You'll have the tools to keep it off, forever.

How's it done? We start by resetting your mind's relationship with food. Do that, and your body will follow suit – it's that simple.


Ready to seize control of your life? Make this YOUR YEAR – The Year of You!

Our Special Introductory Offer, by Invitation Only!
Regularly $

NOW JUST $29/month!

That's right - For a limited time, you get the ENTIRE FUEL RESET SYSTEM for less than HALF the price of a SINGLE PERSONAL TRAINING SESSION per month.

Get your invitation NOW, and let's transform your life – once and for all.


What You Get for                                  
The FUEL Reset + The Big Bonus Power Package

JUST $29/month:

For less than the price of ONE personal training appointment per month, you'll get


  • a FULL eating program (the most advanced health and weight loss plan in the world)

  • a FULL exercise system (which is super-easy, but also super-effective)

  • a FULL mental mastery program (a science-based habit setting, stress management, and goal setting course that will help you dial in your habits...and also help you sleep like a baby every night); and,,,

  • TWO LIVE weekly coaching calls...with licensed, certified, highly experienced coaches and dietitians who've lead hundreds of clients to success through this system!

  • PLUS:   Four incredible bonuses,

  • AND:  An extra special bonus box for our Annual Subscribers (see below):

Here's everything you get, in full detail:

The FUEL Body + Mind System ($1,548 value)

Our flagship health, weight loss, and productivity toolset. Includes:

  • A personalized weight loss plan - Diet, exercise, calories, macros...designed for YOUR body, which means it WILL work for you;

  • Reviewed and approved by our Licensed Registered Dietitians  - which means you know your plan is medically safe;

  • Weekly coaching calls - 2 per week:  so you get live personalized guidance, each and every week;

  • Structured self-paced training videos - which means you'll learn how to transform  your mind and body, at your own pace;

  • The FUEL Member's Forum: Support, guidance, partners, and motivation from FUEL users just like you.

The FUEL 30-day Reset ($1,188 value)

Rapidly reshape your relationship with food, and get results FAST! The secrets to becoming a "Naturally Lean and Healthy Person" - the kind of person you WANT to be, but that so far you HAVEN'T BECOME.

  • Lose 4-8 pounds the first week, and then...

  • 15-25 pounds the first month...

  • GUARANTEED to strip the weight and change the way your brain craves food

FUEL 101 - Your Path Permanent Weight Loss: 

A complete science-based, state-of-the-art nutrition course that will give you the keys to eating for health and getting and staying lean.

Bonus #1 ($468 value):

FUEL Mastery - The Optimal You:  Our most popular course ever - it reveals the secrets the professionals use to keep their bodies lean, toned, and strong. 

Bonus #2 ($1,188 value):

Bonus #3 ($228 value):

The FUEL Meditations Library - Includes:

  • Training in transcendental meditation for stress management 

  • Guided visualization meditations for weight loss and life transformation

  • Using presence to reduce stress, anxiety, and enhance performance.

  • The Meditations are also the best way to get to sleep, without chemicals,  if you have trouble getting or staying asleep.

That's a lot of value!


But there's more...we're ALSO going to throw in this super cool special bonus:


Special Bonus #4! (a $29 value) 

The FUEL T-shirtAfter you complete your first 30-day Reset, we'll send you the 100% cotton, high-quality, FUEL T-shirt, as a celebration gift, for achieving your first 30-day goals!

Woman Wearing Speed Systems Black 6.png
Man Wearing Speed Systems Lt Blue 2.png

The FUEL T-shirt

  • A very high-quality, styled shirt...not just a plain T

  • Athletic cut for men

  • Women's with shorty sleeves and a pretty silhouette 

  • 100%, high-quality cotton

  • Comes in Red, Light Red, Light Blue, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Black, and White

Special Bonus #5! (a $426 value) 

The Annual Plan Bonus Box:  Finally, for those that are really ready to commit, and sign up for the Full Year package - we're giving you not only the The Big Bonus Power Box, but also:


  • The FUEL Classic Logo shirt - The same high-quality, 100%, athletic-cut T-shirt with our original logo, from back when FUEL was just a small magazine for endurance athletes;

  • The FUEL Body Fat Calipers + the How to Take Accurate Body Fat Measurements TrainingNow you'll be able to accurately  track your body fat as you incinerate it each week;

  • The FUEL Tape Measure - A very handy body tape measure that lets you take measurements without help from someone else, for tracking changes in body fat;



  • The MUSICOZY Bluetooth Sleep Mask - With built-in soft speakers, to use at night with your Meditations...which means you'll sleep like a baby each and every night, AND get the benefit of powerful mind-programming, turning you into a fat-burning health machine!

Arrow  21c copy.png
The FUEL Bonus Power Pack - Classic T-shirt, Skin Fold Calipers, Tape Measure, and the MUSICOZY Bluetooth Sleep Mask
How much weight could you lose for good?
We'll show you...right now!!

The Bonus Power Box - 
for Annual Subscribers


That's  EVERYTHING you need to track and measure your progress; ensure you get killer sleep every night; code in the habits we'll be building, almost on autopilot...and transform yourself into a "naturally lean and healthy person."


All THAT...for just 29 bucks a month...which comes out to just $7.25/week...,


Now THAT's a power package!

Woman wearing the FUEL Speed Systems Hoodie in Dark Grey

You're Ready to Go...
Let's Do This Together!

If you've struggled to lose weight...if you don't know where to turn...if you're ready to finally find a weight loss system that is 100% GUARANTEED to change your relationship with food, strip the weight as fast as your body can safely, and KEEP it off, forever...


No more stalling. No more hesitating. Make the commitment to yourself. 


Make this YOUR YEAR - The Year of You!


Take that leap, and get your invitation RIGHT NOW.

When you do, you'll immediately begin to learn how we'll remake your mind...then your body...then your life, according to YOUR dreams.


This offer is by invitation only.


We're not advertising this yet to the general public. When we do, the price will be $49 per now's the time to lock in your membership.

We're making this offer to our current customers, subscribers, family, and friends first...and if you need help losing weight and getting healthy, its an offer you should NOT refuse!


Click the button below, and we'll give you the most advanced health and weight loss system in the world.

How much weight could you lose for good?
We'll show you...right now!!

Join FUEL Now...and Lose the Weight, Once and For All

The 30-day Reset is part of the FUEL Body + Mind Reset...If You're Ready to Change Your Life, Now Is the Time!

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