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Trouble Sleeping? Boy Have We Got Something For You!

The story behind how we came up with giving away the FUEL Endurance Sports Magazines Hypnosis Meditation for Maximized Recovery CD.

FUEL Hypnosis Audio

When we looked at all the cool things we could offer our new subscribers to our newest magazine (FUEL Endurance Sports Magazine ATL), we landed on a real gem.

We were looking for something nobody else gives away, something unique, but also highly useful, and something that could really help people.

The cover of the hypnosis audio we gave

away with each new subscription in November 2016.

Click on it to go to our subscription page and check

out our current promos - we tend to do some pretty

cool stuff! For questions about this audio, shoot us an

email at


We found just the right thing - a hypnosis audio that integrates some very cool brainwave technology, combined with an incredibly soothing guided meditation that will help those having trouble sleeping get the rest they need to recover fully from working and training hard!

Hypnosis is an amazing thing. It's something we've promoted in our training with athletes for years, and that we've used ourselves, to great effect. It's really just a way to focus your mind, relax deeply, and enter into a state of consciousness where you can tell yourself stuff that'll stick.

There's a lot of science behind how it works - and there's a ton of proof that it does work. But it doesn't work the way people unfamiliar with it might think.

What it does is kind of work in the background. You don't even really notice that you're different - you just act differently.

Hypnosis is great for a bunch of things: Changing habits, eliminating unwanted desires or cravings, reinforcing the desire for good things (it's great for upping your nutrition). It's also very, very good for getting rest when you're having trouble with your sleep patterns.

And that's really the main focus of this particular audio. It's intended to put you into a very deep, very refreshing sleep. And, it'll do that, but it might take a couple of listens to get used to it. That's because at first it can be hard to hear someone talking very gently and in a very relaxing way, when you're not used to it. It's kind of like the first few times you get a massage. To really be able to relax, and receive, you have to do it a few times. But then, well, if you've ever had regular massages, you know how good it gets :)

If not, give this audio a try for a couple of weeks. After the first two or three listens, you'll start to notice that you don't remember getting all the way through it. You'll just remember kind of waking up some time after it ended to take your headphones off (if you use them - if not, you'll just wake up on the morning feeling great and wondering how far you made it in).

For all those that have already subscribed, we'll be sending you a link via email to download the audio. For those that haven't yet subscribed, just click on the audio image above and it'll take you to our subscription page where you can check us out and see if we're right for you. (UPDATE: The offer ended December 1, 2016. Click here to go to our subscription page and check out our current promos - we tend to do some pretty cool stuff! For questions about this audio, shoot us an email at

Anyway, we truly hope you'll enjoy this product. We put a lot of work into producing a really high-quality recording, and in making it an experience that we think you'll enjoy for a long time.

And please, let us know what you think of it - good or bad, we really want to hear your feedback! It'll just help us make better products in the future.

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