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weight loss made easy

"A Happiness System"

A holistic health and weight loss platform, with professional, live, one-on-one coaching...

For a limited time ONLY...


This is crazy - I've lost 28 pounds in 3 months, first time in years I've been able to lose weight.    -Rodney M., 6/14/23

Rodney M.

Lose 10 to 25 pounds the FIRST MONTH
Keep losing every month, guaranteed
Licensed Registered Dietitian supervised
Personalized to YOUR body

Fastr, Easier, Smarter Icon
Amanda Head Shot

I've lost more than 35 pounds, and counting!  I've never found anything that's so easy to stay on long term.

-Amanda C., RD, LD 8/27/23

I thought I was eating pretty healthy before - but I couldn't lose weight. With FUEL, I've finally dropped more than 20 pounds and kept it off! 

-Cathie C., RN, LPN


Carrie C., Nurse

 The products taste good and they work! I'm amazed at the results in only 4 weeks!

-Michele C., 4/26/23

Michelle C.
A double image showing the before and after weight loss of Mikaela
“I wish I'd known about this years ago...I cannot emphasize enough how powerful this system is!”

Mikaela W., CA

Real customers, real results:

   If you're looking for the fastest, most effective way to burn fat, for YOUR  body, this is your solution.
-Tucker Blair, Author, "The FUEL 30-day Reset Miracle"

The FUEL Reset System is a 4-part system powered by a revolutionary weight loss system that has been validated through multiple research studies conducted by independent and respected universities. The collective results above reinforce what the before and after images above show – this system works!

Key findings after 8 weeks of following the Reset System compared to a heart-healthy diet:

Graphic of a woman who lost weight


more weight loss

Graphic representing heart health

better improvements in cardiovascular health markers

Graphic of a woman planning her weight loss journey


more fat loss

Faster Easier Smarter Graphic

faster, easier, and more effective long term

Graphic of an unhappy man feeling his visceral fat


as much visceral (internal abdominal)

fat loss

Graphic of Be Healthy

teaches you how to be healthy, not just lose weight

Join FUEL Now...and Lose the Weight, Once and For All

The 30-day Reset is part of the FUEL Body + Mind Reset...If You're Ready to Change Your Life, Now Is the Time!

$29 a month

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