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On this page, we'll walk you through your first steps along your weight loss journey...which we call The Path. We'll get you ready to start your first 30-day Reset, by getting your environment set up for success, getting your mind ready for getting down to business, and giving you the foundations of nutrition you need to successfully become a "naturally lean, healthy person."

Start here:  Your first training video - a short introduction to the FUEL Body + Mind Reset System:

The FUEL 30-day Reset

30 Days To Change Your Mind and Body...Forever. 

The first step in the FUEL Body + Mind System is to rapidly change the way your brain thinks about food.


During your first 30 days, we'll literally reset your brain chemistry, so that wholesome, natural, nutritious foods become what you crave, and the standard American diet becomes a SAD memory, something you'll never want to go back to. 

On this page, we'll walk you through the first steps along your weight loss journey...which we call The Path.

Let's go through what the Reset is, and what makes it so incredible that we call the first 30 days "the 30-day Reset Miracle."

There are 4 steps to the Reset that make it so powerful:



Simplify the foods you eat, so that they're cleaner and easy to keep track of...and so you spend much less time buying, storing, preparing, and eating. You'll get to spend more time being mindful of what you're eating each day, each meal.


As you clean up your diet and environment, we start to reverse the years of bad eating, drinking, smoking, and chemical exposure your body has endured, creating an internal environment for healing, metabolism, and growth;


Change your brain chemistry, thought patterns, and how your mind relates to food. These are physical, chemical, hormonal and behavioral changes the Reset System produces. Within two weeks, you'll be on your way to an entirely new relationship with food, eating, and movement.


Begin the process of rebuilding your eating habits so that eating clean and eating lean are simply a part of who you are, not something you have to discipline yourself to do.



The 30-day Reset


How 30 Days Can Change Your Life

It's an audacious thing to say...but it really is true....


The benefits of the FUEL 30-day Reset are nothing short of miraculous.


Not only will you lose between 12 and 25  pounds in the first 30 days...


You'll come out of it with:


  • Normalized blood pressure

  • Improved insulin sensitivity

  • Improved hunger and satiation responses

  • Reduction, even elimination, of cravings for salty, sweet, fried, fatty foods

  • Normalized lipid profiles

  • Diminishing inflammation 

  • A new, healthy relationship with food - completely reset cravings, changing them from bad foods to craving wholesome, natural foods

  • Energy levels through the roof!

  • A jaw line you likely haven't seen in years!


...and a host of other improved health markers. You'll never look at food the same way again.


If you've found it hard to change your eating habits, lose weight, and get healthy, the 30-day Reset is going to change your life...for good.


  1. Start with your first training module, FUEL 101, which gives you the fundamentals of how to use the tools that will reset your relationship with food. It'll walk you through your first steps in detail. Here's the link:  START FUEL 101

  2. Join bi-weekly live coaching calls. We'll send the schedule of calls for the upcoming week to you on Sunday mornings. Recordings of calls are available to members that can't make them. Here's where you'll have a chance to get real-time feedback from Tucker Blair and Amanda Croft, RD/LD. You can start submitting questions immediately, or wait until you're into the training a bit - up to you.

  3. Automated trainings are podcast-format with supporting PDF slideshows. You can listen to them while you work out, drive to work, or you can watch them on your phone or computer.

  4. Choose a Path:  Start on one of four Paths, ranging in intensity from slower weight loss but less intensity to faster weight loss with more intensity.

  5. One of the first things the FUEL 101 course will have you do is clean out your kitchen - so you'll get rid of all the junky stuff you have that might tempt you as you begin the Simplify phase of the Reset (see below).

  6. When you're ready, start your 30-day Reset. This is where the rubber meets the road. In the first week, you'll lose between 4 and 12 pounds, and feel the changes happening. By week 3, you'll be down 10 to 15 pounds, and feel like a different person. By the end of the 30 days, you'll know you're on a path that WILL get you where you want to be - what we call a "naturally lean and healthy person."

  7. Move from there into the next steps in the Reset - Cleanse, Reset and Rebuild. The entire process takes anywhere from six to twelve months, depending on how many habits you have to break, how many new habits you have to establish, how many health problems you have. and how much weight you need to lose.


Where to Go Next

Modes of Learning

There are three ways to learn the FUEL Body + Mind Reset. All of these are available to listen to as videos or as podcasts. We've recorded them so that they can be used without watching the videos, so feel free to get some training done while you're on your walks or in the car!:

Live Coaching Calls - Every Tuesday and Thursday, 45 minutes of answering your questions and teaching the content. Recorded, with recordings available for those that can't make the live call starting at 12 p.m. EST and 8 p.m. EST. Links are sent out to subscribers the morning of the call.

Interactive Courses - Detailed training courses that walk you through each phase of the Reset...starting with The FUEL 101 Fundamentals Series, then the 30-day Reset Miracle, and advancing from there.

Interactive Web Pages - Specific training on pieces of the Reset System (like this page) that you need to keep up with your 30-day Reset, exercise progression, and more advanced work using the Reset Tools:  Macronutrient Planning, Carb Cycling, Intermittent Fasting, Full-day and Two-day Fasting, Tracking, Measuring, and Mind Training (meditations, stress reduction, and presence training).




Just One Click Away

If you need help, we're here for you. Whether you need to figure out what to do next, you're confused about how to handle your Reset, or you have technical problems with your account, logins, etc., you can get support via email, telephone, or online. Click the button below to go to our Support page, and let us know what we can do to get you down The Path.



You Become Who

You Spend Time With

It's a fact of human nature. We become most like those with whom we spend our time. If you spend time with people that eat well, exercise frequently, are healthy and happy, that's who you'll be. If you spend time with people who aren't those things...well...that's why we built FUEL to be community-focused. 



We're Here When You Need Us

The FUEL Mind + Body Reset program was originally a one-on-one program that we charged up to $1,500 per month for. We're basically giving it away at $79 per month. That said, if you need more coaching, contact us to talk about adding coaching hourly. A standard personal training session will run $80 to $125 per hour in the "real world"..., but we keep it at $50 an hour for our Fuelers!


If you haven't already pulled the trigger...

Join FUEL Now...and Lose the Weight, Once and For All

The 30-day Reset is part of the FUEL Mind + Body Reset...If You're Ready to Change Your Life, Now Is the Time!

For a limited time, we're offering ALL our live training calls, ALL our training videos and support material, and ALL our FUEL Forums, Support, and Community assets, for less than the cost of one personal training session.

For a mere $29 per month, you get everything we have.

We'll only keep this offer open for a limited time - after that, we'll price it back at its regular $299 per month.

Join FUEL Now...and Lose the Weight, Once and For All

The 30-day Reset is part of the FUEL Mind + Body Reset...If You're Ready to Change Your Life, Now Is the Time!

The 30-day Reset is part of the FUEL Mind + Body Reset...If You're Ready to Change Your Life, Now Is the Time!

The 30-day Reset is part of the FUEL Mind + Body Reset...If You're Ready to Change Your Life, Now Is the Time!

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I wish I'd known about this years ago...I cannot emphasize enough how powerful this system is!”

Mikaela W., CA

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