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FUEL - The Foods
 The Art of Eating Clean and Lean

FUEL...So Much More than a Recipe Site.

There are plenty of "recipe sites" on the internet. While we obviously have recipes (how do you do a health and nutrition system aimed at teaching people how to use wholesome, natural foods without recipes???), our goal isn't to give you "ideas" for your next meal.


Our goal is to help you learn the art of sourcing, preparing, and eating clean, whole foods in the most efficient ways...creating your own world of food and enjoyment.

Bottom line:  You're not going to be healthy, lean, and live a long, active life if you don't learn how to use food well. So, that's what we do at FUEL. Food Used for Energized Living. 


Here, you'll find not just recipes, but thoughts about food, about the tools for using food, techniques for making sure you always have good food on hand. 

The goal is to demonstrate how to eat, not so much a random assortment of recipes. 


We teach cooking primarily from the Italian and French traditions, focusing on creating flavor with herbs, spices, acids, and good fats, instead of just salt, sugar, and butter. 

Don't get us wrong - butter and salt are fine. But we minimize them where we can and still get amazing flavor. That's the focus of most recipes you'll find here at FUEL.


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