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What Is Body + Mind?

It's a coaching program rooted in more than 25 years of research, training professional and amateur athletes, and working with people aging from their 30's through their 70's.

It's so much more than a "diet." And, it's so much more than just "weight loss." 

The FUEL Body + Mind System is our 4-step Path toward a better you.


Body + Mind is a science-based transformation of your habits, from your relationship with food to how you think, work, and live.

Training: The Swim - Slow Down to Be Faster

A New, Powerful Approach to Health and Body Composition

Body + Mind is a new way to look at your health and living purposefully...that will change your life for the better in nearly every way.

That's why its called "The Most Advanced Health and Weight Loss System on the Planet." It's that powerful, that effective, and that good!


The Four Phases Along the Path:

Phase 1:  The FUEL 30-day Reset:  30 Days To Change Your Mind and Body Forever.

Phase 2:  FUEL Burn:  90 - 120 days of incinerating fat, reducing excess fluid and inflammation, and reforming habits.

Phase 3:  FUEL Build: 90 - 120 days of rebuilding lean tissue after the weight loss phase. Where we teach you how to sculpt your body, continue building habits, and solidify you becoming a naturally lean and healthy person.

Phase 4:  FUEL Mastery: The final phase of mastering living naturally lean, healthy, active, and happy! 

Why Subscribe for a Year?

In a word:  Commitment. 

The #1 reason people fail in any weight loss program is that they quit long before their bodies have a chance to change. 

Regular "diets" don't account for the fact that your mind has to change long before your body changes.

That's why the FUEL system is called "Body + Mind." When your mind is ready, your body follows.


You'll become a naturally lean and healthy person before your body comes to resemble such a person.


But that's only because your body has to go through the physical process of change...which takes time. Your mind, however, can switch over pretty quickly. Your job is to learn how to allow it to make that switch...and THAT'S what the FUEL Reset tools do for you...almost automatically.

Once you get that there's a delay between becoming the person you want to be, and physically resembling the person you want to be, it becomes much easier to focus on the present...on doing the work you have to do to make your body change...because it's not really work. It's just who you are.

And that's why you NEED...the full year package! It is a way to commit your mind to the full task at hand. When you buy the full year package, you're indicating to your subconscious mind, "I'm in. I'm doing this! Let's get it done!"

Join FUEL Now...and Lose the Weight, Once and For All

The 30-day Reset is part of the FUEL Body + Mind Reset...If You're Ready to Change Your Life, Now Is the Time!

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