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A Four Part System to Strip Fat, Change Your Relationship with Food, and Get Healthy...FOR GOOD.

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The complete FUEL Reset System begins with the 30-day Reset - the magic that makes weight loss, and much more, not just possible, but truly natural.

This book lays out that magic.  It is packed with more than 350 pages on the science, the coaching, and the experience of FUEL body composition coach Tucker Blair  in teaching hundreds of clients to lose thousands of pounds, get their health back, and take back control of their eating, their bodies, and their lives.

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With this book, Blair shows you how FUEL doctors, registered nurses, registered dietitians, and coaches will guide you through these incredible tools to naturally, safely, rapidly strip fat, preserve muscle, and lose the weight you want...forever.

Pre-order the book today, and also get the FUEL Power Pack of goodies immediately (see below), a print copy of the book when it comes out fall 2023, and the electronic copy...all for cost of the hugely discounted one month's membership to FUEL - just $49!

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This system is truly miraculous - with results as fast as Ozempic and the other new "weight loss" drugs, but without the down side: Malnutrition, severe reactions, excessive cost, "Ozempic face," loss of muscle, and on and on.

In fact, you'll experience massive health benefits as your hormone and hunger systems normalize, your insulin sensitivity improves, and inflammation leaves your body...putting you back to feeling like you did in your younger years - healthy, energetic, confident that you've solved the health/weight control problem once and for all...and happy.

Plus, a ton of other stuff.


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