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What the Hell Is Up With Food Prices?

How FUEL Can Help Slash Your Food Bill While Getting Lean and Healthy

Hey FUEL Fanatics,

I’m mad as hell, so this is going to be a long one. 

I just got back from the store, and got just a few things:  Some bread, some fruit, a half-gallon of milk, and an 18-pack of eggs. The bill was just over $50 friggin’ dollars. 

And I wasn’t at Whole Paycheck – this was at a Kroger.

When we started FUEL, the U.S. food system was a mess - but at least it was a cheap mess. 

Remember the days when a fast-food meal was a cheap fix? Yeah, those days are long gone. Now, a quick stop at the nearest fast-food joint will set you back $13 or more. Ridiculous, right? 

It's high time to tell the food industry that enough is enough. They've lost their way, prioritizing profits over our health and wallets. 

Why Food Prices Are So High

I promise you:  They’re not pricing this stuff so high because their costs have gone up. They’re riding the wave after COVID, and jacking profits at our expense. 

A story in the New York Times had this to say:  

“For now, many major companies are raising prices enough that gains are offsetting drops in sales volume. PepsiCo, which makes products like Quaker Oats and Cheetos, said on Tuesday that it increased prices 16 percent in the latest quarter, helping its profit grow 18 percent, even as volume fell 2 percent.” 

They raised prices 16% in a quarter, they lost 2% volume, and still realized an 18% increase in profit

That, my friends, is us getting bent over so the corporate overlords get to buy another house in the Hamptons. 

Surprised man looking at grocery bill

By the way: That story was published April 2023. It’s been three quarters since and guess what…the food industry keeps raising those prices, quarter over quarter. 

It ain’t going to get better any time soon.

But here's where you and I make our stand. By switching to FUEL, you're not just getting your hands on healthy, affordable nutrition that feeds your body and soul. You're casting your vote against an industry that's forgotten what food is supposed to be about. Let me tell you why.

But the real issue isn't just your shrinking wallet; it's about what's ending up on your plate.

The Birth of FUEL: A Stand Against the System

We talk about it a lot here at FUEL:  The U.S. food industry – restaurants, food manufacturing, food advertising, and some of the grocery store chains – are focused on profit above all else. Which is capitalism – and that’s fine. 

But it means they’ve spent the last 50 years (or more) engineering a food system that is highly leveraged against your health, to get you to eat as much as they can get you to eat. Because the more you eat, the more you buy.

We stepped into the food biz because we were sick of seeing people being duped into thinking that what they were eating was 'good enough.' It wasn't then, and it's certainly not now, especially with prices skyrocketing. 

Our mission? To shake up the system – with real nutrition that doesn't demand a ransom. 

And, while “the more you eat, the more you buy” is true…the opposite is also true – the less you eat, the less you buy. So one of the best ways to start saving money on food these days is the simplest – find ways to eat less. 

That’s part of what FUEL does for you. But there’s more. Much more.

We launched FUEL because we saw the food industry – from restaurants to grocery chains to marketing firms – focusing on profit at the expense of health. 

The mission was clear:  Shake things up with nutrition that's both real and affordable.

Coaching: FUEL’s Secret Ingredient

At FUEL, it's not just about the shakes. Yes, we offer exceptional, balanced nutrition at wallet-friendly prices, challenging those exorbitant grocery and restaurant bills.

But there's more. Switching your diet isn't easy, and that's where FUEL's coaching system comes in. We've combined science with the art of eating and living well, with two goals: To drastically lower your food bill, and radically improve your eating habits.

Join the FUEL Movement

Joining FUEL doesn’t only lead to a healthier you; it also translates to significant savings. We're empowering you to take control, make informed food choices, and push back against the industry’s profit-first approach.

FUEL isn’t just a brand; it's a revolution for affordable, healthier living. 

It’s time to break free from the overpriced, under-nutritious norm. 

Join FUEL, take a stand against the industry, and start living life on your terms.

Stay strong, stay savvy…

Stay FUEL'ed,  -Coach T.


Special Offer:

For just $29 a month, you get access to our rich coaching program. 

Plus, we’re offering our 44 serving pack (that’s a month of 2-per-day meal replacements) for $79 to new members

You can get up to six months of this deal. There is no better deal out there on a high quality meal replacement shake. 

Then, in six months, you'll be seeing not just health transformations but also substantial financial savings.

This offer runs until we get enough peeps into FUEL that we no longer need to run take advantage of it while you can!


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