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Crisis? Please. Here’s the Lowdown on America’s So-Called 'Despair,' to Help You Cope with Societal Stress

Ever seen a billboard looming over a church proclaiming, "Culture in Crisis"? I saw this on our annual Christmas trip to North Carolina (my brother's house) in the family truckster this year. "That's weird," I thought, and then tried to forget about it.

But it bothered me. Why the heck would a church be spewing fear like that? Yeah, we have some issues. Yeah, we have some work to do. But we're NOT in a frickin' crisis, people. Gaza's in a crisis. Ukraine's in a crisis. 

Things are changing in the U.S., sure. Some things for the worse, but many, many things for the better. We live in the most incredible phase of human history. Crime is down, opportunity is up, and resources are more available than they've ever been. You can literally determine your own destiny in today's America. 

If we're defining "crisis" as change, then we've been in "crisis" since the dawn of time. 

Let's decode what this billboard is really screaming: "Alert! We're losing our grip. People are daring to think for themselves. Quick, blame society!" 

It's a classic move, a bit of smoke and mirrors to shift the focus from outdated, rigid doctrines that just aren't resonating with the masses anymore. Or by a media that can't figure out a better way to get your attention (also very frustrating to me, a copywriter, who knows there are so many better ways).

Here's a truth bomb: The world isn't crumbling; it's evolving. Seeing everything as a crisis is like walking around with a dark cloud over your head. It's unproductive, and it hurts more than just the people with the clouds over their heads - it affects people around them, too. That's a problem for me. That's why that billboard bothered me enough to write this article.

What drives humanity forward is optimism, embracing the kaleidoscope of perspectives that make up this world...not trying to make the majority afraid of them.

A graphic depicting unity and the harmonious coexistence of faith, technology, and science
Our paths are many, but our destination is the same....

Whether you're religious or not, spiritual or not, we should do what Jesus did:  Respect people that are different from you. Embrace change and different viewpoints. Instead of slapping a "crisis" label on everything, we should foster understanding and open-mindedness. 

Why don't we welcome the evolving beliefs of individuals, encouraging a world where faith and reason live in harmony? It'll make it a much nicer place to live!

I'd love it if people that need attention (churches, news orgs, and politicians, mostly) stop blaming society or culture for shifts in belief. We're going to need to adapt to the ever-changing collective consciousness.

Respect is the lesson here, I think. Respect for the various paths people choose. "Judge not others, lest ye be judged."

That's not just the way of Jesus, but it's a fundamentally American way to live, too. Trying to force everyone into your own way of life is blatantly un-American. Sorry if that offends you...but that's the truth.

That's also the key to moving forward, not backward, in a world that's constantly in motion. It's the way to satisfaction and happiness in life. You have your own stuff to deal with...don't go around trying to make others do theirs your way. And, don't give in to the fear mongers - they're just trying to sell you something.

Remembering this very simple thing can really help you cope with the societal stress all the fear mongers would have you living that they can get you to pay attention to them.

FUEL is not a political or religious organization. That said, we are dedicated to the advancement of our clients' mental and emotional health, along with their physical health. Stress, worry, and anxiety lead to all kinds of physical health problems. Harmony in society, and the American way of life, are important to us, and we will do what we can to promote them. We write and publish stories like this to help people find balance in their lives. Feel free to write us at with comments, observations, or thoughts - positive or negative - about this or any other story we publish. We want to know what you think!


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