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FUEL ESM Partners With World Wildlife Fund

WWF and FUEL Working Together

Endurance athletes live and play outdoors. Everyone needs clean air to breathe, healthy water to drink, and to swim in. We all need safe foods, and protection from the sun. But for endurance athletes, most of whom are out in the elements for hours a day, the environment is a big deal - or it should be.

One of the reasons we publish FUEL Endurance Sports Magazines is to promote the overall health of the planet. We developed FUEL Magazines with a close eye for getting the science and the real facts on what’s happening in our environment out to the public.

Each year that passes, we feel an increased urgency to focus on the environment and what our modern society is doing to it. At FUEL ESM, we try to do our part in reducing our own environmental impact. We print with 100% 'green' inks and renewable-resource paper. We pay for our carbon footprint. We encourage people and organizations we work with to practice environmental responsibility

And, we support and promote charitable organizations that are doing the hard work of fighting for the planet through education, advocacy, and action.

One of the finest organizations on the planet doing that hard work is the World Wildlife Fund. Based in Washington, D.C., WWF is dedicated to more than just preserving wildlife.

It's an international NGO whose core missions include working for clean oceans, sustainable forestry, understanding and reducing the impact of emissions on clean air, and addressing climate change and its causes.

FUEL Endurance Sports is proud to announce our partnership with WWF for 2017. Through FUEL's membership in 1% For the Planet, we’ll be donating 1% of our sales in 2017 to WWF. Some of that donation will come in the form of ads that we’ll run in every issue of FUEL magazines. Most of it will come from an annual donation of cash equal to 1% of our sales for the year.

85% of WWF's spending is directed to worldwide conservation activities.

That means every subscription we sell, and every ad we sell to our business partners, will help promote two great organizations that are working to protect our planet – WWF and 1% For the Planet.

We hope you’ll join us in supporting these awesome organizations, first through subscribing to FUEL Endurance Sports Magazine ATL, and second, through a direct contribution to one or both

of these fine organizations.

85% of WWF's spending is directed

to worldwide conservation activities.


In return, we’ll work hard to bring you the best, most informative, and most entertaining stories that impact your training, your health, and your food and water sources here in Atlanta.

Check out WWF's incredible work at Also, check out 1% For the Planet and how they're working to promote sustainability through corporate giving at

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