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FUEL Magazines, 1% For The Planet, and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

FUEL Endurance Sports Magazines are not only about athletes. They're written, edited, and published by athletes, too.

We originally decided to publish a magazine about swimming, biking, running, eating, lifting, and living "the good life" because:

(a) We already spend all our free time either doing those things, thinking about doing those things, wishing we were doing those things instead of something else, or recovering from doing them;

(b) we'd rather spend our professional lives engaged with the sports we love, rather than doing something we don't love just to make a living; and

(c) we realized there aren't nearly enough great sources for athletes to learn the art and the science of training, maximizing performance, nutrition, and recovery.

Then, as we began to put the first issue together, we realized another thing: There are so many great stories around Atlanta about athletes doing incredible things, but the only people that ever got to hear them were the people that already knew those athletes.

Nobody was going out, finding these amazing people, and bringing their stories to all the other amazing people in the ATL that would want to know what their peers were doing.

Bringing Together “Mini-communities” of Athletes

That made us see that endurance sports - triathlon, cycling, running, mountain climbing, and other variants of these - were made up of a bunch of "mini-communities," all of which were somewhat insulated from each other.

Despite the ever-growing reach of social media, the great stories just weren't making it beyond the small communities of athletes in their clubs, social circles, and real-life friends.

Writing stories about swimming, running, and riding outside also gave us a means to support other people who are working to make the world safe for doing so.

With all these realizations, a vision of something new, and powerful, began to take shape. We began to imagine that we might have found a way to do some pretty bad-ass things. We realized that maybe we could do serious good for a lot of people, the planet, the environment, and for future athletes and their families.

We started thinking maybe, just maybe, we could use the power of print to:

  • Bring all the "mini-communities" of athletes together into one great community of like-minded people who love living an active lifestyle;

  • Give them access to stories about what others are doing that would inspire, teach, motivate, and entertain them;

  • Deliver training, nutrition, and recovery knowledge that is extremely hard to come by elsewhere, by bringing science-based stories written by the top coaches, trainers, medical professionals, and elite athletes we can find;

  • Print training and nutrition stories that are relevant to all levels of athletes, and relevant to the period of training most athletes are in throughout the year;

  • Promote solutions to serious problems that directly impact people who love the outdoors and active living - issues like air quality, environmental damage, water pollution, and food system problems.

These are mighty big aspirations for a new, small, community magazine. But we're not going to be new and small forever!

We figure if we start out with these ideals, we can eventually turn them into realities.

We can only do it with your help, though.

We need your support, which you can give through the simple act of becoming a subscriber. It's easy, it's cheap (it's just $2.49/month), and it'll take you two seconds to do.

If you'll take a minute to subscribe, you'll get FUEL ATL delivered to your home each and every month, in your mailbox.

You'll get killer articles on advanced training, but also on the fundamentals (which we all need regular reminders on, both to keep the principles in mind, and to make sure we practice them regularly).

You'll get advanced nutrition analysis that'll help you maintain muscle, be leaner, develop more speed and power, and stay healthier. You'll get monthly coverage on how to protect your body over the long term, so that you can stay active, fresh, and enjoy training into your 50's, 60's, 70's, and beyond.

If you don't like it for some reason, you can cancel your subscription at any time. If you feel like you didn't get your money's worth while you subscribed, send us an email at, and we'll send you your money back.

We don't ever see that happening, though. Hell, the coupons in the magazine each month alone are worth ten times your monthly subscription. Many of them are straight cash discounts, with no minimum orders or strings attached. They're literally like money you can spend to get food, gear, services, or whatever.

And, along with all that, you'll be supporting an organization that is dedicated to promoting our planet's health, as well as our readers'!

1% for the Planet is a Really Big Number

We'll do that through our commitment to giving 1% of all our sales - both ads and subscriptions - to promoting the Earth's well-being through 1% for the Planet, an outstanding philanthropic organization that helps private companies to take responsibility for the health of our planet in innovative and effective ways.

In our case, 100% of our donation through 1% for the Planet will go to another incredible organization - the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

What Is WWF?

WWF is a non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to preserving the Earth's precious ecology, wildlife, environment, and oceans. Not only are we donating 1% of all sales to WWF, but we're also donating ad space to them in every issue, to promote their work and educate our readers on what they're doing, how, where, and why.

WWF Program Expenses

If you're an active person, love the outdoors, love learning how your body responds to training, lifting, nutrition, hydration, and how it recovers; if you want to have access to some of the most powerful articles being produced about longevity in sport; if you want to support us, and help us support 1% for the Planet and WWF -

please, go to our website and subscribe right now. You can click that link, or copy this address into your browser:

And thanks, either way, for getting this far with us!

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