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Savor Pizza Without Guilt! Discover Neapolitan Magic: A Quick Guide to Flavor and Craftsmanship

How many 'diets' tell you to eat pizza??

While you may not be eating pizza during your full 30-day Reset, the rest of the FUEL Body + Mind System is wide open to pizza long as it's made with quality, real food, and as long as you're in the "zone" on your calories and macros.

Satisfy those requirements, and eat all the pizza you want!

This morning I watched a truly remarkable short video on the art and craft of making real Neapolitan pizza, with Italian chef Vito Iacopelli.

Well worth the 15 minutes it takes to watch...and you'll never look at pizza the same!

Pizza making, like bread making, is a very forgiving process. Don't be afraid to throw the ingredients together and bake up a pizza. Follow even approximately what Vito shows you in this video, and you can't fail...I promise!

And nutritionally: Unless you have a gluten sensitivity, and if you use quality ingredients (you could definitely make this with some whole wheat, and it'd still come out incredible), this is really good, nutritious food. You don't want to live on it, obviously, but there's nothing wrong with enjoying it every now and then.

I've even made a gluten-free pizza, and it came out exceptionally fact, nobody could tell it was gluten free. Let me know if you want a recipe for that and I'll work on it!

Check out this excellent's the link:


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